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My Degree Results!

Three years have flown by in the blink of an eye.

After learning about the university that I finally chose seven years ago. My time as a BA Hons Student is over and I can't believe it. I finished the course in April and ever since then I have had the worrying feeling that my results were on their way.

As my last official Summer break entered June, the panic was starting to rise about my up and coming results. In previous educational results I always got what I expected and I was very pleased with myself. I never got an A* but I was always chuffed with my results anyway.

My confidence did take a knocking when I finished my A Levels but after my year out doing a Foundation Diploma I soon gained some of it back with my Merit.

So I was hopeful again for my degree. But when you work three years up to something and your work becomes your obsession. You do start to wonder 'was it enough?' The dream was to walk away with a Upper Second Class Degree. But as results day drew nearer, I must confess that I thought that was pipe dream, and I would be lucky to walk away with a Pass. I knew I would do better than that but doubt is a funny thing.

So one day in June I got my message on my phone saying the results where out.

I nervously looked up my results and once I saw the result, it was like time stopped.

'Awarded: First Class'

Was I reading it correctly?

I left my computer and went downstairs to my parents. They saw me and asked what was the matter. So I asked if someone could read the web page as I didn't think I read it correctly. I left it at that and so my Dad came upstairs and sat my computer. He read it. And time stopped again. The next thing I know is my Dad giving hugs and kisses like I had, well, got a First Class Degree!

We both rushed downstairs and told my mum and my brother. Their reaction was half delight and the other half relief as they thought I had failed completely due to my reaction when I first came down!

So, three years and I exceed my expectations. And to add, at my Graduation, my Honours Project got special recognition as I was awarded Best Piece of Work!


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