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About Me

My name is Rachel Kolker and I am a Post Production Editor.


Memories are stories. Our memories, one way or another turn into stories. And the ones we remember most clear are the ones that have been captured on camera or the ones we fondly remember thanks to the television.

For example I can pin point exactly where and when I chose to become an editor.


My story begins at the age of 6 and witnessing the aftermath of my toddler brother’s destruction of the television. After pushing it off its stand, I learnt there and then that the tales produced on the screen didn’t magically appear. They had been created, filmed, produced and edited so that I could see the stories come to life.

It was then I wanted to work in the media industry.

As my timeline expanded and grew, my career path developed, and at the age of 16 my dream was set. I wanted to become an editor and film maker.

And here I am at the age of 26. I have my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Post Production for Film and Television in Manchester. And I have graduated with a First Class with Honours. And I can’t wait to hit the ground running in my dream industry.


And the best thing is, my story is just beginning…

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