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Are you going through some type of development?


Are you starting your own company?

Capture the important moments and help to spread word about you via your website and social media.

Whether your an organisation hosting one of a long line of events or a company wanting to do its first advertising campaign. I can create something that meets your requirements.

For your project I can give you four different edit packages.

Due to these being edit packages you can chose a multiple amount of packages to suit what you want.

These packages can be altered to suit you.

Once you have discussed and have a good idea of what you want, pop me an email and

I will arrange a meeting with you so we can talk about your day at lenght.

Edit Package No. 1

Five to Ten Minute Film

This type of film will be perfect to share on social media or on your website.

It gives a small documentary of what is going on with your project and its progress.

Edit Package No. 2

Half Hour + Film

A documentary of your project which would include interviews with your most important influence.

Which will end in you having a well informed film.

Edit Package No. 3


This can come as one film or multiple.

A film that can quickly get across your message in a creative way.

Suggested Maximum Running Time: Two Minutes

Edit Package No. 4

Social Media Film

These films are made for your social media platforms and can cover any topic relevant to you.

These films are usually text based and contain none/some dialogue.

Suggested Maximum Running Time: One Minute

Here are some examples of what you could do to suit your own project.


Building Development

Chosen Pack: Edit Package No. 1

Filmed over time.

Interviews included.

Shows the development of a new house.

From the first day of building to moving day.


Gym Equipment

Chosen Pack: Edit Package No. 4

Multiple Videos

No Audio

Showing customers what

equipment you have to offer.