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Wedding Party
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Son surprising his father with birthday present


Any occasion whether it is a wedding or a simply a coming of age party.

Why not capture it so that moment can be frozen in time for your enjoyment.

My goal for your day is to capture as much as possible and to edit it in a way that you have a treasured keepsake of this special event in your life.

For your event I can give you three different edit packages.

Due to these being edit packages you can chose a multiple amount of packages to suit what you want.

These packages can be altered to suit you.

Once you have discussed and have a good idea of what you want, pop me an email and

I will arrange a meeting with you so we can talk about your day at lenght.

Edit Package No. 1

Five to Ten Minute Film

This type of film will be perfect to share on your social media with family and friends that weren't able to attend your event.

Edit Package No. 2

Half Hour + Film

A film like this is what you would expect to be quite a traditional type of video.

We edit everything into a film that you can sit and enjoy and notice the little things that you may of missed while you were busy enjoying the day yourself.

Edit Package No. 3

The Special Moments

This can come as one film or multiple.

I can give you videos that focus on one part of the day.

For example a video capturing just speeches or a ceremony.

Edit Package No. 4

Narrative Short Films

Perfect for the most important announcements.

Whether its invites to a wedding or a pregnancy announcement.

Everything is made much more personal with a film to surprise everyone with.

Here are some examples of what you could do to suit your own project.

Example: Wedding

Chosen Pack: Edit Package No. 2

A hour long film that contains everything such as:

- Breakfast & Getting Ready

- The Ceremony

- Photographs being taken

- Reception (Including Meal & Disco.)

- Cake Cutting

- Speeches

Chosen Pack: Edit Package No. 3

Separate film for The Ceremony

Separate film for the The Speeches


A copy of all the footage to enjoy

Example: Birthday

Chosen Pack: Edit Package No. 4

A short narrative that looks over the past of your loved one and marks the occasion of their birthday.

Example: Christening

Chosen Pack: Edit Package No. 1

A five minute film that contains:

- The Ceremony

- After Party

Example: Pregnancy

Chosen Pack: Edit Package No. 4

A short narrative that reveals that

you are expecting your first child.